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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 


Experience Business Software that Doesn’t Get in the Way of Doing Business 

End-to-end ERP Solution Operations

Access in the Cloud


What if you could do more with your business system than basic accounting?  


Boost your profits with Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Imagine a robust business system that your employees can access from anywhere they are, with any internet device. D365 Business Central handles it all - financials, supply chain, production, and operations.  

Would you like to save on costly infrastructure that drains your profits? 


  • Dynamics 365 Business Central is perfect for small to mid-size organizations who want the freedom to grow with a flexible solution. 

  • Gain all the functionality you need to compete in your industry with one easy-to-use Microsoft solution.  

  • Enjoy manageable monthly payments so you can get started now without breaking the bank.


As a Microsoft Value-Added Reseller, the SL Dynamic Global Solutions team is ready to support your business in the cloud.  Our team consists of senior-level professionals who know how to deliver value to your operations.  

Business Central CRONUS Page screenshot.png
  • Financial management - Easily manage your cash flow, banking, and assets. 

  • Supply chain and manufacturing operations - Use a connected system to track and manage your production, inventory, orders, and vendors. 

  • Marketing, sales, and service - Manage your campaigns, sales opportunities, contacts, and service contracts. 

  • Project management - Create estimates, track projects, and manage capacity. 

  • Business intelligence and reporting - Get up-to-the-minute visibility with reporting and analytics so you can take action based on insights. 

These advantages collectively contribute to a smoother, more agile, and cost-effective business operation.

No Costly Upgrades

With Automatic cloud updates, you're always on the latest version, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming upgrades

Microsoft Security

Trusting Microsoft's robust security infrastructure ensures your sensitive business data is well-protected against cyber threats

Remote work capability

Cloud-based operation enables remote access, allowing your team to work from anywhere while maintaining productivity

Connected Technology

Integration with Microsoft's Suite of tolls streamlines processes and communication, enhancing overall efficiency

Familiar Outlook Integration

The integration with Outlook makes it convenient to respond promptly to emails and stay organized 

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